Wildcard (week 10): Saint Samuel – Hit And Run

Sam McCoig, known as Saint Samuel, is a self-produced singer-songwriter currently based out of Richmond, Virginia. Receiving his first guitar at the age of nine years old, he started forming bands in the sixth grade, but everything changed when he discovered Garageband on a school-issued laptop. He then earnestly dove into teaching himself to produce.

Sam grew up listening to country music and pop-punk, a combination that might not seem compatible. He took the defiance of his pop-punk days and combined it with the storytelling found in country music. That’s where the genres met to formulate the songwriting style and sound of Saint Samuel. Feeling out of place in the alt-country genre in which he was seated, Sam found himself questioning what his path as a musician would be. Then the pandemic hit, and, no longer able to collaborate with other producers, Sam was forced to be completely self-sufficient if he wanted to continue making music. That’s when the idea of Saint Samuel was conceived.

In the three years he’s been releasing music, he put out quite some memorable ditties. His new single however, is his most poppy one so far. It’s based on a real-life experience, and Sam was lucky enough to be able to make it. He says about the realisation of the tune:

β€œA couple weeks ago, Emily Bruzzo, my creative partner and best friend, and I were in a car accident. It was pretty bad, but luckily, no one was hurt. And then the person drove off. It was supposed to be a writing day but we lost most of it having to deal with the situation. We had about an hour left to work. Emily looked at me and said, β€œI’ve never felt more inspired. We’re gonna go write a hit song, and it’s gonna be called Hit and Run.” We went back to my studio and wrote the chorus for this song. Finished the rest the next day, recorded it, I truly think it is one of my favorite songs we have ever written. The idea hit us, just a little too hard.”

Hit And Run by Saint Samuel is the new Carte Blanche Music Wildcard. This implies that it will be prominently displayed at the top of the blog for an entire week.

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