Wildcard (week 11): John Adams – Things That Make You Beautiful

After Aberdare singer-songwriter John Adams sung Cannonball by Damien Rice on The X Factor UK in 2011 (bringing the original back in the charts at a higher position than at first release, a first in chart history), he went on to crowdfund his debut album The Pavement Is My Stage by busking across the UK in 2013.

This week, he releases not one, but two new singles. My personal favourite – and this week’s Wildcard – is Things That Make You Beautiful. This is in part due to its simple but touching video.

No doubt this has to do with the fact that last week, after over 30 years, an old class-mate came back into my life. She suffers from progressive eye-trouble, but is incredibly optimistic and strong. She recently entered a comprehensive program to help her remain as independent as possible. Walking with a stick, taking the bus, working on the computer, using her cell phone… things that are so self-evident for most of us. Of course, all of the confronting situations involved also bring up feelings of insecurity. That’s exactly what needs to be overcome.

The video for Things That Make You Beautiful captures both the freedom and the insecurity, and shows what you are capable of when you have self-confidence. I’m sure my friend is going to get to that point!

With or without this story in mind, enjoy this week’s Wildcard on Carte Blanche Music: Things That Make You Beautiful by John Adams!

This is his other single, See You Again:

Both tracks are taken from John Adams’s forthcoming EP, due out in June/July 2017.


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