Wildcard (week 13):
Maggie Lindemann – Friends Go

When Los Angeles singer-songwriter Maggie Lindemann released her debut single Pretty Girl in 2016, she immediately hit the bullโ€™s eye. It was a Top 10 hit all over Europe, clocking 550 million Spotify streams to date. Thatโ€™s such a huge number, that some of her other tracks, with 20 to 50 million streams, almost seem like flops (which they arenโ€™t, obviously).

On her funky new single, Lindemann tries a new sound, incorporating ska elements. In an interview withย Billboard, she says that her love of pop-punk and ska hasnโ€™t been represented in her music before, so she wanted to create a track that offered something new to her fans. โ€œI love No Doubt, Panic! At The Disco, but I also love my pop music. So I wanted to give all of that kinda in one, my own take on it.โ€

Also looking forward to a remix Blink-182โ€™s Travis Barker made of this track. But for now, the single version of Maggie Lindemannโ€™s Friends Go is the Carte Blanche Music Wildcard, giving it the most prominent position on this blog for a whole week.

In the Wildcards 2019 playlist you can find all of this yearโ€™s Carte Blanche Music Wildcards so far.

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