Wildcard (week 13):
RoseeLu – Playing Alone

RoseeLu has always done things her way and has always been a loner. In other words: the 19-year-old Danish newcomer is a girl with character. Rosa Frydensbjerg (her real name) grew up to the sound of her dad’s piano, and wrote her first melodies in kindergarten. Eventually, she decided to follow her own dream and ambition to become a full-time musician. She quit high-school, left home and moved to Copenhagen at the age of just 17.

Destined for big things, she already released three tracks in 2020. But with this new autobiographical single, Playing Alone, her break-through is inevitable. It’s a very confident track, which clashes grungy guitars with contemporary beats. The sound of the alternative β€˜90s meets raw, modern R&B and widescreen pop.

RoseeLu explains: ”Even though it sounds clichΓ©, I really hope to inspire anyone who listens to embrace their inner child and cherish it. Playing Alone is my appeal to those who thinks kids are wrong if they – like me – are not into commercial toys and football trading cards, but are totally fine contemplating with themselves in their own company – which is OK and super healthy.”

To me, Playing Alone is the best new single of this week, which makes it the Carte Blanche Music Wildcard. This means, it’ll feature prominently at the top of the blog for a whole week!

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