Wildcard (week 13):
Tiny Fighter – New Century

In 2016, Tim Spelman moved from Melbourne to Stockholm, where he joined forces with local singer Therese Karlsson to form Tiny Fighter. They are the perfect match, as they complement each other: Tim is good at starting songs, Therese has a talent for finishing them.

Now working together for only a year, New Century is the duo’s debut single. An indie-pop song with a bittersweet edge and a New Order-like bass line. It comes with a video that was shot entirely on a 360 degree camera. And although no special effects were added in post-production, filming it this way produced some stunning visual effects in itself.

New Century by Tiny Fighter features prominently on this blog for a week as the Carte Blanche Music Wildcard. You can find all of them in the Wildcards 2018 playlist.

For more great new music follow the constantly updated Carte Blanche Music playlist.

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