Wildcard (week 14):
boy pablo – Losing You

An artist can work hard and make brilliant music, but still not succeed in building a career. Some hard working brilliant musicians however, get just that extra push their career needed. Like boy pablo, a Norwegian group of high school best friends, fronted by 19-year-old Pablo MuΓ±oz. Last year, YouTube unexpectedly featured the video for their early single Everytime on the site’s β€˜Recommended’ tab. The clip quickly racked up millions of views and now sits comfortably at 6 million.

Hopefully the time to capitalize that early success comes with the band’s new single. Losing You is another great slice of dreamy yet sunny pop, where MuΓ±oz addresses his insecurities about a rocky love.

This week, Losing You by boy pablo is the Carte Blanche Music Wildcard, which means it’ll feature prominently at the top of the blog. For a glimpse of its predecessors, check the Wildcards 2018 playlist.

For more great new music follow the constantly updated Carte Blanche Music playlist.

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