Wildcard (week 14):
Get Well Soon – My Home Is My Heart

Konstantin Gropper used to be drawn to pessimists and naysayers, to anyone from Thomas Bernhard to Kurt Cobain. However, during lockdown (of all times) the 39-year-old German song-writer suddenly realized he’s an optimist. β€œEventually I had to give in and admit to myself that I simply needed to believe in some sort of β€˜happy end’ for all this”, he explains.

This new-found optimism can be heard on his Get Well Soon project’s new album Amen. Although it sounds as melancholic as ever, it has a lighter tone than its predecessors. The record explores social questions Gropper stumbled upon while self-reflecting in isolation. The pros and cons of individualism, the good and bad that unites us and separates us, and the search for happiness and hope.

His recently discovered optimism can also be found in some of the song titles. I Love Humans, Our Best Hope, Golden Days and My Home Is My Heart, for instance. The latter is Get Well Soon’s new single. It’s driven by a pounding drum backed by a tambourine, but the most striking element is the house-like piano melody. A theatrical song that Arcade Fire fans will certainly embrace, just like we at Carte Blanche Music HQ do.

This week My Home Is My Heart by Get Well Soon will feature prominently at the top of the blog as our Wildcard!

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