Wildcard (week 16):
Marina – Purge The Poison

After three albums, Marina Diamandis shortened her professional name from Marina & The Diamonds to Marina. The double album Love + Fear, a collection of two mini-albums, was the first she released under the new moniker. Now, a second full album is on its way. Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land will be out on 11 June. Funnily, thereโ€™s no word on a vinyl version, but the record will be put out in three cassette versions, each with a different colour: clear green, metallic blue and gold.

Following last yearโ€™s track Manโ€™s World, Purge The Poison is the second single off the upcoming long-player. Personally, I think itโ€™s one of Marinaโ€™s best songs to date. Itโ€™s lengthy lyrics are a critical summary of recent history, starring climate change, COVID-19, #metoo, equity, diversity and inclusion, and other โ€˜highlightsโ€™. Musically, itโ€™s a punchy, up-beat track, that will hopefully re-open music directorsโ€™ ears.

This week, Purge The Poison by Marina is the Carte Blanche Music Wildcard!

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