Wildcard (week 16): Saveus – Levitate Me

In October 2015, when I first played Saveusโ€™ Levitate Me in my radio show, not much was known about this young Danish producer. I only found out that he had a small studio in a building where they used to pack meat. And that Levitate Me was his debut single.

A year and a half later, the track (albeit 10 seconds shorter) is re-released on a major label. Letโ€™s hope their marketing power makes it a huge hit this time. Because itโ€™s still the same great, euphoric song it was in 2015. A dancefloor banger with soulful vocals, driving beats, experimental arrangements, gospel and pure pop melodies. In short: itโ€™s great!

(PS for the record: by now we know Saveusโ€™s real name is Martin Hoberg Hedegaard. He won the first Danish series of โ€˜The X Factorโ€™ in 2008, when he was only 15 years old)


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