Wildcard (week 17):
Lissie – Hey Boy

We all know about Princeโ€™s world famous vault, where he presumably stacked even more music than he officially put out. Obviously, more artists (probably most of them) sometimes record material they eventually donโ€™t release. I presume when a recording is shelved, thereโ€™s a good reason to do so. Because itโ€™s crap, for instance. All too often, these sessions end up on box sets, โ€˜Deluxe Editionsโ€™, โ€˜Expanded Versionsโ€™ or โ€˜Anniversary Editionsโ€™. Such a shameโ€ฆ

That being said, there may also be other reasons to hold a release. When a track doesnโ€™t fit the sound or feel of the other songs that make up an album, for instance. However, in some cases itโ€™s impossible to imagine why a song wasnโ€™t issued before. Lissieโ€™s โ€˜newโ€™ single Hey Boy is such a trackโ€ฆ

The American singer-songwriter rediscovered the song when she went through her archives recently. She browsed her old recordings on behalf of two upcoming projects: ย the Anniversary Edition (whaaa!!) of her 2010 breakthrough album Catching A Tiger (which will be out 25 June) and Watch Over Me (Early Works 2002-2009), an album compiling nine highlights from her formative years as a songwriter (out 23 July). Both will feature lots of cult fan favourites and previously unreleased material.

The latter album is now previewed by the previously unreleased song Hey Boy. Itโ€™s a raw and rootsy folk-rocker with an intense and bluesy vocal performance. The track, written circa 2003, finds Lissie criticising the sexism and misogyny that she faced as a young female artist.

She recalls: โ€œWhen I was in college, I was out seeing live music almost every night. I would play open mics and eventually get to open up for touring acts that passed through town. There was a crew of musician guys who always seemed to mock me and my lyrics, trashed my posters around town and who insinuated that the only reason I was getting opportunities was because I was a silly young woman who was a flirt. That strangely felt like a normal thing to have to deal with then, so I just shrugged it off and kept going. (โ€ฆ) It seems like this is now changing for the better.โ€

This week, Hey Boy by Lissie is the Carte Blanche Music Wildcard. Deservedly, this finally unearthed gem will feature prominently at the top of this blog for a whole week.

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