Wildcard (week 18):
Florence & The Machine – Free

Intriguing. That is, in one word, what I think of Florence & The Machineโ€™s music. Ever since they came to the scene, at the end of the โ€˜00s, Iโ€™ve been intrigued by them. Take the band name, for instance. Itโ€™s a reference to the bandโ€™s two main members: singer Florence Welch and keyboardist Isabella โ€˜Machineโ€™ Summers.

The bandโ€™s 2009 debut album Lungs (possibly referring to Welchโ€™s massive voice), was an instant hit. It peaked at #1 in Great Britain and #2 in Ireland. This year, theyโ€™re about to release their fifth album. Titled Dance Fever, itโ€™s scheduled for release on 13 May. The preceding singles King, Heaven Is Here and My Love were very promising already. But the fourth, Free, tops them all. It’s probably their most up-tempo and uplifting tune so far. And itโ€™s danceable, thatโ€™s for sure. Remixes are undoubtedly on their way.

This week, Free by Florence & The Machine is the Carte Blanche Music Wildcard. Itโ€™ll feature prominently at the top of this blog for seven full days!

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