Wildcard (week 19):
Ali Barter – Girlie Bits

Do you know the expression ‘kicking against the pricks’? That’s what Australian singer Ali Barter does on this single. It’s a tradition that goes back to powerful women in music in the ’70s and ’80s of the last century, but in 2018, the subject is as current as ever.

Ali Barter says about Girlie Bits: “It has nothing to do with body parts, it’s about the cage of what we expect of women: girlie guitar parts, girlie singing, hair; this idea of ‘femininity’ and how to fit within it. But women are not some gentle, watered down version of men. We do it our own way. We work really hard to write good songs and play great gigs – only to have people critique our clothes and the look on our faces, instead of the music.”

Girlie Bits was first released in 2016, but Barter’s label found a new distribution partner, that’s confident the song deserves a second chance. I agree the track is likely to appeal to a whole lot of people, women and men alike. And if you’re not into lyrics, but you’re a fan of Juliana Hatfield or Tracy Bonham (or Alex Lahey or Courtney Barnett, who are Australians like Barter), there’s a lot to like here as well!

This week, Girlie Bits by Ali Barter is the new Carte Blanche Music Wildcard, providing the song and its message with a well-deserved prominent platform.

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