Wildcard (week 19):
Fhin – Quand On Arrive En Ville

Fhin is a Parisian producer who immediately put himself on the map with his first EP A Crack In The Eyes, last year. During his live gigs, consisting of remixes, covers and original material, he usually plays Quand On Arrive En Ville. A song, written in 1978 by Michel Berger for the rock opera Starmania, that was partly inspired by David Bowieโ€™s Ziggy Stardust. The track was originally performed by Daniel Balavoine, who played the role of Johnny Rockfort in Starmania and went on to become a French superstar.

Now, Fhin has released his rendition of Quand On Arrive En Ville, which vaguely sounds like an updated version of Michael Jacksonโ€™s Liberian Girl, as a single. I comes with a beautiful, animated video and precedes Fhinโ€™s second EP, to be released in June.

This week, Quand On Arrive En Ville is the Carte Blanche Music Wildcard!

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