Wildcard (week 19):
Tom Grennan – How Does It Feel

Tom Grennanโ€™s collaborations with dance artists are sure fire hits. His 2016 single with Chase & Status, All Goes Wrong, became his big break, while By Your Side (with Calvin Harris) was a pan-European hit. However, I personally like his own (pop) singles better. His new one is another great example why.

How Does It Feel is the third single to be released ahead of Grennanโ€™s upcoming third album. The longplayer, What Ifs And Maybes, will be out on 16 June. The British singer and songwriter said about the record: โ€œI want (people) to feel they have no stress and no worries when theyโ€™re listening to these songs. So I made that conscious decision to write some up-tempo songs that can live in a party world.โ€

New single How Does It Feel is a good example. Speaking about the track, he explained: โ€œThis song is a reflection of a moment in my life when I realised I had let something unreal slip. Itโ€™s a reflection on the excitement that comes when you know you have a chance to rebuild. Itโ€™s exciting, fun, and gives you the energy to want to get up and do what you believe in!โ€

With its upbeat drums, sunny guitar sound and catchy lyrics, How Does It Feel by Tom Grennan is a contender for the Summer Song of 2023 trophy.

For starters, itโ€™s the new Carte Blanche Music Wildcard. That means itโ€™ll be featured prominently at the top of the blog for a whole week.

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