Wildcard (week 19):
Tom Grennan – How Does It Feel

Tom Grennan’s collaborations with dance artists are sure fire hits. His 2016 single with Chase & Status, All Goes Wrong, became his big break, while By Your Side (with Calvin Harris) was a pan-European hit. However, I personally like his own (pop) singles better. His new one is another great example why.

How Does It Feel is the third single to be released ahead of Grennan’s upcoming third album. The longplayer, What Ifs And Maybes, will be out on 16 June. The British singer and songwriter said about the record: “I want (people) to feel they have no stress and no worries when they’re listening to these songs. So I made that conscious decision to write some up-tempo songs that can live in a party world.”

New single How Does It Feel is a good example. Speaking about the track, he explained: “This song is a reflection of a moment in my life when I realised I had let something unreal slip. It’s a reflection on the excitement that comes when you know you have a chance to rebuild. It’s exciting, fun, and gives you the energy to want to get up and do what you believe in!”

With its upbeat drums, sunny guitar sound and catchy lyrics, How Does It Feel by Tom Grennan is a contender for the Summer Song of 2023 trophy.

For starters, it’s the new Carte Blanche Music Wildcard. That means it’ll be featured prominently at the top of the blog for a whole week.

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