Wildcard (week 2):
Shanguy – La Louze

I’m pretty sure this could be a huge international hit, if only it was promoted properly. You see, La Louze ticks all the right boxes: you can dance to it, you can sing along with it… For even though most of the lyrics are in French (difficile!), there is enough of English in strategic places. And that killer trumpet hook speaks the universal language of music.

Shanguy is a new project of French singer-songwriter Eon Melka, Italian DJ NRD1, and indie singer-songwriter Frank-O, who had successful careers of their own before. La Louze is only Shanguy’s first single, and it sounds like a hit to me (Alors On Danse, anyone?). The track is already heating up the European Border Breakers Chart, where it rockets from 100 to 57 this week, but it could do so much better…

Promotion starts here, as far as I’m concerned. The coming week, La Louze by Shanguy features prominently on Carte Blanche Music as the new Wildcard!

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