Wildcard (week 2):
We Are Scientists – Settled Accounts

We Are Scientists are singer/guitarist Keith Murray, bass player Chris Cain and drummer Keith Carne. As professional musicians, they can live off their music, but I still think they deserve a much broader audience. As their music has broadened over the years (from post-punk via indie rock to a more pop-leaning sound), I bet the trio agree. Alas, as streaming allows lovers of all kinds of niches to find music of their liking, radio has started to become more uniform, with most stations trying to reach the same listeners. Hopefully other channels, like less narrow-minded music bloggers, can help expose great bands like We Are Scientists.

The New York City-based band is currently preparing for the 20 January release of their 8th studio album Lobes. In preparation of this self-produced long-player, they released four tracks. Settled Accounts is the latest of this bunch. A song with a funky guitar throughout, and be honest, whatโ€™s not to like about that? Murray says of the tune: โ€œMurray said: โ€œItโ€™s nice that things have come full-circle. Strident old Keith would have argued that funk was the one true musical genre. And here we are, with our funkiest tune yet.โ€

Following the album release, We Are Scientists will play a host of live shows in Europe, where their star has always shone brighter that in their home country. Donโ€™t miss them!

Settled Accounts is the new Carte Blanche Music Wildcard. That means itโ€™ll be featured prominently at the top of the blog for a whole week.

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