Wildcard (week 21):
Gizmo Varillas – Born Again

Since releasing his debutย album El Doradoย in early 2017, Spanish singer-songwriter Gizmo Varillas received praise from Yoko Ono, opened up for Jack Savoretti and was added to George Ezraโ€™s Spotify playlist. Varillasโ€™ mix of folky pop, tropical instrumentation, and Latin and Afrobeat rhythms make for an overall happy sound.ย But donโ€™t be mistaken, in some cases this contrasts with sad lyrics.

His new single however, has a message of hope. In Gizmo’s own words, Born Again is โ€˜about personal transformation, changing from within and giving yourself the chance to start overโ€™. โ€œEven if we reach our lowest point, we can always rise up again. And in many ways, itโ€™s about never giving up and empowering yourself to go on.โ€

Born Again is the third single off Varillasโ€™ upcoming album Out Of The Darkness (out on 5 June). Itโ€™s also featured in the BBCโ€™s brand-new series โ€˜Alabamaโ€™. The songโ€™s chorus has a slight resemblance with XXL by Mylรจne Farmer, of whom Iโ€™m a big fan as well.

This week, Born Again by Gizmo Varillas is the Carte Blanche Music Wildcard. As a result, itโ€™ll feature prominently at the top of this blog for a whole week.

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