Wildcard (week 23):
Augusta – Maybe

Canadian band Augusta was formed in early 2022 when Joe Dent joined forces with August Jones, Zach Stuckey and Parker Weiss. They perform live as a seven-piece, joined by Tristan Schultz, Daniel-leigh Mclean and Matt Woroshyl. Their first show only took place 14 months ago. By then, they mostly performed songs that either Dent or Jones had written independently.Β However, most of these songs felt out-dated and didn’t fit the direction they wanted to take the band. Therefore, they decided to go on their first writing retreat in Jones’ family cottage. There, they wrote the songs for Augusta’s debut EP.

Last October, I really liked the band’s very first single Little Birds. Early this year, it was followed by sophomore effort Better Off. With new tune Maybe, they complete a hattrick of great tracks. I think this upbeat, brass-infused song is their best yet.

On Augusta’s Facebook page, Jones writes: β€œI wrote Maybe in the summer of 2021 just after the pandemic hit. It was one of the first songs I ever fully wrote and produced myself and one of the first ones where I went: β€˜I could release this and… be okay with it?’.”
He goes on to explain the track is for the people who are trying to remove themselves from who they were when they were younger. It’s about β€˜the constant chatter in the skull that keeps you from doing what you love to do most; And the unwarranted pressure and self-doubt some of us place on ourselves every day’.

On 23 June, Augusta will be playing their biggest headline show ever in hometown Toronto to celebrate the release of their debut EP. The trio of songs they put out so far sounds really promising!

It’s 100% sure that Maybe by Augusta is the new Carte Blanche Music Wildcard. That means it’ll be featured prominently at the top of the blog for a whole week.

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