Wildcard (week 23):
Rammstein – Ausländer

Rammstein have never got out of the way of controversy. On the contrary, it’s a game they play very well. No better way to introduce their new eponymous album than with the provocative video for first single Deutschland. Following a milder clip for second single Radio, the band are now back for a next hit, in more ways than one.

Third single Ausländer has a title that may raise eyebrows, but its video also has titties that may raise eyebrows. Content-wise, it plays with both colonialism and the current refugee problem. All of this seems to have been done in order to evoke a debate. Mission accomplished, for contrary to the criticism that followed the Deutschland mini movie, the Ausländer clip has already received much praise, especially outside Germany.

Apart from the imagery, I think Rammstein’s new single is a great song. Hard-hitting, but with great melodies. As the new Carte Blanche Music Wildcard, Ausländer will feature here prominently for a whole week!

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