Wildcard (week 24):
Blackbook – Love Is A Crime

Blackbook are a duo from Switzerland, and that’s virtually all we know about them. Just as they wish, because they deliberately refrain from sharing information about themselves. Which is their good right of course. It’s 2018 after all…

The good part about that is, that we must let the music speak for itself. And one thing is clear: Blackbook must love the ’80s. Their very first single Love Is A Crime is a synth rock song from the 80s manual. It sounds like a marriage between Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys. These are two of my all-time favourite bands, so it immediately grabbed my attention.

Not only musically Love Is A Crime is a great debut, they also have something to say. The song has a clear message: all forms of love should be respected and celebrated, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, or religion. The video is a strong visual representation of this message.

All in all, these are more than enough reasons to make Blackbook’s Love Is A Crime this week’s Carte Blanche Music Wildcard, so you can enjoy it here a whole week long.

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