Wildcard (week 26)
Baxtr – Bloom

In the 30 years I’ve made radio shows, each of my programmes consisted for at least 50% of female voices. I didn’t even select them on purpose. Much of my favourite music appeared to be sung by women, simple as that. I’m very happy female artists gain more ground on festivals and radio playlists nowadays. There’s so much talent out there!

Take brand-new, all-female alt-pop trio Baxtr from London for instance. Floss Mackintosh (vocals, guitar), Bash Powers (guitar, keys, backing vocals) and Keiko Jackson (drums, backing vocals) have been close friends of 10 years. They shared the vision of being in a band together for a long time, and finally made it real.

To me, Bloom is one of the best debut singles of the past years. A euphoric banger, inspired by β€˜80s pop songs, with added guitars and hooks of the catchiest kind. Shamelessly danceable, flamboyant, and empowering guitar pop in the best Haim tradition.

β€˜Your summer is coming soon’, they sing, and I’m sure that goes for the Baxtr girls themselves as well. About to β€˜bloom’ in no-time, the band gave their career a hell of a kickstart with this first single. To ensure this gem won’t be overlooked, Bloom by Baxtr will appear here prominently for a full week as the new Carte Blanche Music Wildcard!

In the Wildcards 2020 playlist you’ll find all of this year’s Carte Blanche Music Wildcards so far.

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