Wildcard (week 25): IX – Difference

Marnix Dorrestein is a songwriter, composer, producer, arranger, singer, piano player, guitarist, drummerโ€ฆ well, in fact he plays on everything he comes across. After winning the largest Dutch talent show with his band รœber-Ich in 2012, he was invited to attend a talent development plan. This resulted in his first musical solo project, IX, which is actually a trio.

You can hear a big love for โ€™60s, โ€™70s and โ€™80s pop in his music, which he calls nostalgic future pop. But a partly electronic cabinet of instruments and exotic influences make it sound rather more futuristic than nostalgic, as youโ€™ll witness on IXโ€™s new EP 00:00.

Anyway, these are only words and music must be heard. So why donโ€™t you hit โ€˜playโ€™? And again? And again? Difference by IX is this weekโ€™s Carte Blanche Music Wildcard!


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