Wildcard (week 26):
Videoclub – En Nuit

Historically, English has always been the language in charts all over the world. But this is slowly changing. In recent years, we’ve seen songs in Spanish crossing over to non-Spanish-speaking territories, and it’s my guess that French will be next. The number of great acts from France (and from the French-speaking part of Belgium) is overwhelming. And the fun part is: really young artists appear to lead the way to global stardom.

Remember Belgian singer-songwriter Angèle (23), whom I wrote about many times? Allow me to remind you she’s one to watch! But equally impressive is the career that Videoclub are building. The duo consists of Adèle Castillon (17), a YouTube phenomenon with over 650.000 followers, and her friend Matthieu Reynaud. With only two singles under their belt, they built a large fanbase, mainly in the US. I can see that from the huge number of Americans that read my recommendation of their second single Roi, and who find Carte Blanche Music via organic searches through terms like ‘videoclub roi’ (duh) and ‘videoclub french band’.

Now, the up and coming electro-pop teens are back with their third single. It’s called ‘En Nuit’, which means ‘at night’, but it’s also a play at ‘ennui’, meaning ‘boredom’. Another ultra-catchy song with sweet synth-pop sounds and gripping ‘ooh-ooh’s, that serve as a pleasant backdrop to Adèle and Matthieu’s youthful and sultry vocals. Don’t forget to check the video as well. It’s made by Aube Perrie, who also directed the clip for La Thune by Angèle.

This week, En Nuit by Videoclub is the Carte Blanche Music Wildcard!

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