Wildcard (week 27):
mxmtoon – Post-Post Apocalyptic Dance Party

Seven years ago, mxmtoon started self-releasing song in secret. Dreamy pop songs with introverted lyrics, often with a ukulele at its core. These bedroom pop songs gained the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter (real name: Maia) a huge worldwide audience.

In recent years however, starting with her 2022 album Rising, she made a shift to a more bombastic energy. Both the title and music of her new single refer to that new sound. Post-Post Apocalyptic Dance Party has a hyperpop kind of feel. It brings the good vibes to the game β€˜LEGO Horizon Adventures’, PlayStation’s fun take on end of the world.

In an interview with Rolling Stone she reveals how the song came to be. β€œThey sent me a bunch of keywords of what they were looking for. I had no idea at that point what the project was. So I wrote a song based off of the information that they shared with me. And I remember reading the brief and being like, β€œThis sounds a lot likeΒ β€˜Horizon Zero Dawn’, but weirdly, there’s some LEGO terminology in here.” And I remember being like, β€œThat’s cool if they ended up doing that, then it ended up being exactly what I had anticipated!”

Post-Post Apocalyptic Dance Party by mxmtoon is the new Carte Blanche Music Wildcard. This implies that it will be prominently displayed at the top of the blog for an entire week.

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