Wildcard (week 27):
Noga Erez – No News On TV

Noga Erez is one of Israelโ€™s few breakthrough indie stars and one of the countryโ€™s most hyped artists. Combining electronic and pop music, she works in collaboration with her partner and co-writer, composer and producer Ori Rousso.

Currently writing and producing her sophomore album, the Tel-Aviv based artistย just released its second single. No News On TVย is an up-beat bop the pair wrote during the COVID-19 pandemic. Itโ€™s Erezโ€™s warning against apathy and giving into paralysis and fear, especially now when there is so much to care about.

She says about it: “This song was written during a period where I had more time than I’ve had in a decade. I was able to sit down and work my ass off on new music without any emails disturbing the silence. No notifications, nothing. I wanted to write a song that talked about that. I felt a deep need to imagine what it would be like to live in a world with no politics, money, grit, racism, or violence.โ€ In summary, she calls it โ€˜an escape songโ€™.

The summery track is held together by a catchy bass line that runs throughout the song, combined with electronic elements. Hearing this single reminded me of the first time I heard Imani Coppolaโ€™s single Legend Of A Cowgirl, back in 1997. Itโ€™s got the same kind of youthful naivety and ย joyful freshness to it. Also, Erez has a comparable vocal style, somewhere halfway singing and rapping, which is very endearing.

No News On TV by Noga Erez is the new Carte Blanche Music Wildcard!

In the Wildcards 2020 playlist youโ€™ll find all of this yearโ€™s Wildcards so far.

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