Wildcard (week 28): Baxtr – In Pop We Trust

Imagine this: three girls who have been close friends for over a decade, decide to start a band. And the next thing that happens is a virus that starts with a C. As a consequence, they’ve been writing, recording and releasing their three singles to date remotely during the last 12 months. And yet, these are all great pop songs that have so far been criminally overlooked.

But all that’s about to change. After a long year, Floss Mackintosh, Bash Powers and Keiko Jackson have finally been able to be together in the same room. During this session they laid down their new single In Pop We Trust, and it’s bigger, bolder and better than ever. Inspired by ‘80s pop and late ‘90s geek rock, it’s equal parts Bangles and Weezer. But the trio also mention Jellyfish as inspirations. How lovely! I bet the girls weren’t even born when Jellyfish weren’t even nearly as big as they deserved to be. Baxtr clearly did their research!

In Pop We Trust is a huge party track that combines sugar-sweet melodies with banging drums and fierce guitar licks. A call for us all to embrace anything that makes us feel good. To me, that’s just what this fun song does, so I’ll embrace it with all that I have. It’s time for a virus that starts with a B!

This week, Baxtr’s In Pop We Trust is the new Carte Blanche Music Wildcard, so it’ll feature here proudly and prominently for a whole week!

‘They say trash and we say treasure / There’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure’.

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