Wildcard (week 29):
Call Me Loop – Self Love

Carte Blanche Music Wildcard Call Me Loop Self LoveBrixton-based British singer-songwriter Georgia would rather have you call her Loop. Her alias came about from nicknames her mum gave her: Georgie-Lou, then Loopy-Lou, then Loop.

Describing her sound as ‘sassy, emotive electronic pop’, I’d like to summarize it with one word: ‘cool’. But ‘infectious’ would do as well. To give you a hint of what to expect, she names Rihanna, Amy Winehouse and Christina Aguilera as some of her influences. But Loop adds an extra touch of freshness to it all.

On her new pop banger Self Love, she proclaims she has a ‘new lease of life’ after letting go of a toxic relationship. I’m glad she wrote this tune about it! Self Love by Call Me Loop is this week’s new Carte Blanche Music Wildcard.

In the Wildcards 2019 playlist you can find all of this year’s Carte Blanche Music Wildcards so far.

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