Wildcard (week 29):
Doves – Prisoners

11 years. Eleven(!) years. Itโ€™s that long ago that Doves released their latest album. If you, like me, were eagerly anticipating its follow-up, the wait is almost over. On 11 September, at last, the Manchester rock band will give us their fifth full-length The Universal Want. In an interview with NME, frontman Jimi Goodwin calls it โ€˜probably the most organically-made Doves recordโ€™. Further explaining that process, he said: โ€œIt was born out of chatting to each other over email. (โ€ฆ) We started pooling all our material and the material that we couldnโ€™t work into shape on the last record Kingdom Of Rust.โ€

Following Carousels, Prisoners is the albumโ€™s second single. A soaring, yet melancolic rock song. Goodwin: โ€œSometimes we get trapped by our own behaviour. You can be a prisoner of your own thoughts. They can take you to some pretty dark and unexpected places if you let them. Itโ€™s a song about checking yourself. Itโ€™s not to do with lockdown or the pandemic, itโ€™s just the day to day wellbeing.โ€

This whole week, Dovesโ€™ new single Prisoners will feature here prominently. It’s the Carte Blanche Music Wildcard!

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