Wildcard (week 2):
Izzy Bizu – Talking To You

Last August, I saw Izzy Bizu play the Lowlands festival in Holland, where I happen to live. Isobel Beardshaw (her real name) and her great band treated the audience to a bunch of soulful summer songs. One of them was Izzyโ€™s breakthrough single White Tiger. Other highlights included Give Me Love, Naรฏve Soul and Glorious.

All of these tracks are from her album A Moment Of Madness, that hadnโ€™t yet been released at the time. Upon its release, in September, a standard edition of the cd was put out, as well as a Deluxe Edition, featuring four extra songs. Three months later a second Deluxe Edition was issued, with even one more new track. And itโ€™s exactly that track, the wonderful Talking To You, that has just been released as a single. Excellent choice!

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