Wildcard (week 30):
Speelburg – I’m Back

Guess who’s back? It’s Speelburg, the musical alter ego of Noah Sacré. And holy cow, did he put out a great tune! It’s called I’m Back, but you’re forgiven if you misheard ‘I’m Beck’. For Beck sure is a befitting reference. This is top notch adventurous pop, and you’ll probably hear new things upon each listen.

Carte Blanche Music makes it extra easy for you to listen to the track repeatedly, for I’m Back by Speelburg is our new Wildcard. That means it’ll feature prominently at the top of the blog for a whole week.

For those who missed out on Speelburg until now: he is a half Belgian, half American artist who called Brighton, LA and the south of France his home. Just like the singer-songwriter and producer himself, his music has no boundaries. He usually describes it as ‘weird pop’. Each release takes a different turn. In other words: let him surprise you and expect the unexpected.

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