Wildcard (week 31):
Parcels – Comingback

The summer here in Western Europe may be somewhat underwhelming, but luckily Parcels are here to create a sunny atmosphere. Comingback is their second track of the year, following Juneโ€™s single Free. Both songs will appear on the bandโ€™s next album, which they finished recording recently.

In a statement, the band said Comingback was one of the bandโ€™s earliest ideas after the release of their last album. However, it ended up one of the last songs to be completed after being rewritten a number of times.

The track is built around an infectious piano part and a lively rhythm section with breakbeat-like drum patterns. Throughout a beautiful string arrangement gives the song extra class. The bridge has a great build-up with vivid percussion and orchestral elements, culminating in a musical climax of sorts.

Comingback by Parcels is the new Carte Blanche Music Wildcard, so itโ€™ll feature here prominently for a whole week.

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