Wildcard (week 34):
Caroline & Claude – Stir The Pot

Sydney-born and Adelaide-bred duo Caroline & Claude have known each other all of their lives. Thatโ€™s logical, for the two (real names Hannah and Dylan Ringrow) are siblings. They pursued music from an early age, whether in the form of jam sessions with their family, or putting on shows for their parents. โ€œWe came to realize that music felt like therapyโ€, it says on their website.

Yet, it took them until mid-2020 to start and make music on a more professional level. Now 21 and 17 years old respectively, Caroline & Claude release their sparkling debut single Stir The Pot. Itโ€™s a punchy and catchy affair, that somehow manages to have a vintage pop vibe. However, they wrote and co-produced the song themselves, creating a unique sound of their own. The track deals with spreading rumors, and being knowingly vindictive to others. It comes with a music video that they shot, directed and edited themselves as well.

Caroline & Claudeโ€™s promising first tune Stir The Pot is this weekโ€™s Carte Blanche Music Wildcard. This means itโ€™ll feature here prominently for a whole week.

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