Wildcard (week 34):
Say Lou Lou – Golden Child

Remember Australian band The Church, of Under The Milky Way fame? Singer Steve Kilbey has two daughters, Miranda and Elektra, who have a musical career of their own under the Say Lou Lou moniker.

After debuting in 2015 with their album Lucid Dreaming, they took the time to produce a follow-up. Earlier this year, they released the new song Ana, which is now followed by Golden Child. Both will be on the twin sisters’ second album Immortelle, due for release on 21 September. It’ll be a moody and sensual collection of songs with subtle nods to film noir, but always with the duo’s dreamy, ethereal vocals at the centre.

Golden Child is a percussive pop anthem, with an intro that brings back memories of the wonderful single Sing by Travis. Then, it opens up with irresistible guitar licks and crisp drum fills, that give it a distinct 70’s West Coast feel. At the same time, it sounds modern, thanks to the addition of delicate sound effects and a productional trick or two.

This week, Golden Child by Say Lou Lou is the Carte Blanche Music Wildcard! The songs that preceded it this year, can be found in the Wildcards 2018 playlist.

For more great new music, follow the constantly updated Carte Blanche Music playlist.

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