Wildcard (week 39):
Pixey – Just Move

Pixey (born Elizabeth Hillesdon) is a DIY artist in the true sense of the word: she literally does everything herself. She writes and produces her own songs, plays the drums, bass and guitar, and sings.

Listening to her music, you can hear she doesn’t try to hide she’s from North West England. The influence of other bands from Liverpool and Manchester is evident. With it’s lush guitars and breakbeat-like drums, her new single Just Move has a distinct Madchester sound. Think The Stone Roses, for instance. On top of that, the opening guitar riff sounds like it’s borrowed from King Bee’s Back By Dope Demand and part of the vocal melody comes straight from Madonna’s Material Girl. Further referencing the queen of pop, she even urges the listener to “get into the groove”.

However, with all of these ingredients, Pixey mixes an energy drink that’s very much her own. It’s fresh but spicey, and highly addictive.

Talking about her euphoric single, she says: “Just Move was written and recorded in my bedroom at the beginning of lockdown. I thought it would be ironic to write a dance tune when the last thing anyone would be doing is going out and actually dancing. (…) With the last few months feeling so complicated and unprecedented I thought it would be refreshing to write something with a simple request, as dancing and moving is in (most) people’s nature!”

This week, Just Move by Pixey is the Carte Blanche Music Wildcard!

In the Wildcards 2020 playlist you’ll find all of this year’s Carte Blanche Music Wildcards so far.

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