Wildcard (week 4):
Boo Seeka – Let It Go

Boo Seeka is a hypnotic electro-pop project, driven by Australian singer-songwriter Ben β€˜Boo’ Gumbleton and his bandmate Jay Bainbridge. Their melodic beats and angular rhythms are both accessible and credible. In their home country, they received praise ever since they broke through with their first single Kingdom Leader in 2015. Two years later, their debut album Never Too Soon resulted in them playing festivals and sold out shows all over the world.

Last Friday, Boo Seeka released their third album Midnight Highlight. Gumbleton explains: β€œI’m not saying we are reinventing the wheel here, but I don’t think anyone can say we sound exactly like any other artist, which is what I think any creative person should strive for. Each album (and each track to be honest) will change, and we are not going to put ourselves in a box for the years to come. What sounds good to us in that moment is what we write and record!”

Seven of the album’s 11 tracks have previously been released as singles. But the best was kept for last. With its smooth beats, summery electronics and compelling vocals, eighth single Let It Go is an absolute stand-out track (or a highlight, if you want). It was co-written and co-produced by Annika Schmarsel. Last December, she scored a Wildcard in her own right with her single Wildlife, under her artist name Alice Ivy.

Today, January 24th, Boo Seeka play a gig in Utrecht (the Netherlands), the city next to mine. The concert is only the second stop in their current European/UK Tour. Just by coincidence, their most recent single Let It Go is the new Carte Blanche Music Wildcard. This implies that it will be prominently displayed at the top of the blog for an entire week.

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