Wildcard (week 41):
Jaguar Jonze – Who Died And Made You King?

Deena Lynchย is a multi-talented performer. She is an Instagram artist (as Spectator Jonze), a photographer (Dusky Jonze) and a musician (Jaguar Jonze).ย Recently however, her artistry was pushed to the back a little, for she had quite the year. Apart from the โ€˜usualโ€™ COVID-19 hassle, she attracted the virus herself. Also, sheย shared her experiencesย of sexual abuse and harassment in the music industry, and became a strong voice for the #metoo movement in Australia.

In her fiery new single Who Died And Made You King?, Jonze celebrates the fact that in the last year, many notable โ€˜kingsโ€™ or heads at the top of the music industry have been taken down. The track is driven by punchy percussion, fierce distorted vocals and determined lyrics. It acts as a warning that more downfalls and clean-ups are yet to come.

Meanwhile, she leaves no doubt sheโ€™s back. Jonze explains: โ€œWith this single, I wanted to take back my power, take back my voice and take back my artistry.โ€

This week, Who Died And Made You King? by Jaguar Jonze is the new Carte Blanche Music Wildcard. Itโ€™ll feature at the top of the blog for a full seven days.

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