Wildcard (week 42):
Palace Winter (feat. Penny Police) – Richard (Says Yes)

Palace Winter, led by Australian songwriter Carl Coleman and Danish songwriter/producer Caspar Hesselager, are working towards their third album. The record – titled …Keep Dreaming, Buddy – will be out on 23 October. It has been preceded by four singles, including this new one.

The duo were inspired to write the upbeat Richard (Says Yes) when watching a Jimi Hendrix documentary in which Little Richard was featured. Coleman explains: β€œLittle Richard came on and we were both just floored by how f***in’ alive and funny and inspiring he was. So, he kind of became this little team mascot for us. Like, just do it ALL! β€˜Put some sugar on it, man! MORE!’ So this song is exactly that. Richard says yes to f***in’ EVERYTHING!”

This resulted in a larger-than-life song that sounds like nothing can bring it down. It features the vocals of Penny Police (a.k.a Marie Fjeldsted), along with an uplifting saxophone part, courtesy of Ned Ferm (MØ, Yusef Lateef). Little Richard may have passed away after the song was recorded, but Richard (Says Yes) still carries the late pioneer of rock β€˜n’ roll’s unstoppable energy.

This monumental track is the new Carte Blanche Music Wildcard!

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