Wildcard (week 43):
Isaac Gracie – Show Me Love

Isaac Gracie’s record label released six singles off his self-titled debut album (one of them being former Carte Blanche Music Wildcard Silhouettes Of You). Five out of those six were down-tempo tracks, effectively positioning the artist as a balladeer. James Bay, who signed to the same major company, got the same ‘treatment’. A shame, for both artists have more rock in them then those singles gave them credit for.

Hopefully, Isaac Gracie can set the record straight with his new material, and especially the tracks that are being put forward to promote these new tunes. His first new song makes me hopeful. Show Me Love is an up-tempo affair, with a structure out of the (streaming) book: after a short intro, it kicks off with the track’s title, and continues with verses and choruses that are equally catchy. After just over 3 minutes, it’s all over, making you long for more.

It’s early days, I know, but with more songs as strong as this one, the future looks bright for Isaac Gracie. For starters, Carte Blanche Music shows him love by choosing his new single as this week’s Wildcard. As a result, Show Me Love by Isaac Gracie is always only a mouse click away…

In the Wildcards 2018 playlist you can find all of this year’s Carte Blanche Music Wildcards so far.

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