Wildcard (week 46):
Carla Wehbe – Hurts To Love You

After bundling her 2020 singles on her first EP Half Past Nine, Carla Wehbe came to the attention of Warner Music Australia. The love was mutual, and the Sydney indie-pop artistย signed a record deal with the major.

Co-produced by Xavier Dunn (who else?), Hurts To Love You is a cracking start of the partnership. Itโ€™s a glorious, uplifting pop song; contemporary, but with a distinct retro feel, thanks to the โ€˜80s style synths. The energetic nature of the song is a sharp contrast with its melancholic lyrics.

Wehbe explains Hurts To Love You is about โ€˜losing someone that you care deeply aboutโ€™, and the visceral emotions that come with being forced to distance yourself from them. She continued: โ€œYou love them so much that it hurts too much to be close to them, so you have to separate yourself. And you realise that all the things you spoke about doing, or planned to do, arenโ€™t going to happen anymore and youโ€™re just going to have to live with that.โ€

Wehbe penned the lyrics with Norwegian songwriters Jim Bergsted and Helge Moemthat, with whom sheโ€™d connected over Instagram. However, she claims the song embodies only her own perspective. โ€œIโ€™ve never felt more broken in my life than when I was writing this trackโ€, she said.

Next to an upcoming artist, sheโ€™s an in demand songwriter, videographer, producer, photographer and fashion designer as well. โ€˜One to watchโ€™, as they sayโ€ฆ Well, donโ€™t look any further. Hurts To Love You by Carla Wehbe is the new Carte Blanche Music Wildcard. This means itโ€™ll feature here prominently for a whole week!

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