Wildcard (week 49):
The Go! Team – Mayday

The Go! Team never disappoints me. Ever since their Get It Together EP, which kickstarted the 21st century, the Brighton band serves up delicious cocktails of seemingly incoherent genres. Sounding disruptive at first, apparently our ears have gotten used to their eclectic mix, while in the meantime, the band refined their sound. And in 2017 we’ve come to the point that The Go! Team’s complex compositions are wholly acceptable and accessible, while I’m certain the band don’t feel like they’re compromising in any way.

Still, their new single is a cry for help. But an ingenious one as such. The first 8 seconds of the song, for instance, consist of a morse code set to a beat. A morse code which, of course, spells the song’s title: M-A-Y-D-A-Y. As usual, part of the track’s lyrics are shouted like a bunch of cheerleaders would, while other parts are sung as sweet as honey. The brass band that was already present on their latest single Semicircle Song, blows some soulful elements into the song, making it a triumphant affair.

To make things even more joyful, Mayday is this week’s Carte Blanche Music Wildcard. So the song, that will be included on The Go! Team’s new album Semicircle, due 19 January 2018, is already to be found in the Wildcards 2017 playlist, and features prominently on this blog for one whole week. This SOS deserves a helping hand…

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