Wildcard (week 5):
Confidence Man – Feels Like A Different Thing

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ve got the impression the ‘80s influences in today’s pop music are slowly shifting towards the early ‘90s. Take Confidence Man’s brilliant new single for instance. It’s called Feels Like A Different Thing, but it sounds wonderfully familiar. It made me think of Right Said Fred’s I’m Too Sexy and Going Back To My Roots by FPI Project. House piano galore, and that gospel vibe is an absolute bliss. What a banger!

The Australian duo say about their new single: “Feels Like A Different Thing isn’t here to mess around. Two lyrics, one riff, no fuss. It’ll get your blood pumping. It’ll make your ears bleed (in a good way). It’ll steal your car and burn down your house and you’ll still say thanks.”

Following last year’s Holiday, Feels Like A Different Thing is the second track to be released ahead of the band’s sophomore album Tilt. It’s due out on 1 April, a date that’s marked in our agenda in flickering red neon lights. For starters, the new single is this week’s Carte Blanche Music Wildcard, so it’ll feature at the top of the blog for a full seven days.

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