Wildcard (week 50):
The Veils – No Limit Of Stars

For most people, December is Melancholy Month. Mentally, but musically as well. That explains why so many ballads are being released during this month. Personally, I’m not a big sucker for ballads. But there’s nothing wrong with a bit of melancholy. However, I prefer upbeat songs with a touch of melancholy. That’s where The Veils’ new single comes in…

I’ve been a The Veils fan ever since their earliest output, in 2002. The band is fronted by Finn Andrews, the son of Barry Andrews (of XTC and Shriekback fame). They’ve released five albums so far, with ever growing gaps between consecutive albums. The Veils’ latest long-player came out in August 2016. Record #6, a double album called …And Out Of The Void Came Love, will finally see the light on 3 March 2023. Andrews says about it: β€œIt is difficult to articulate quite what a strange 6 years it’s been since The Veils last put out a record, but it’s all in these songs. They are songs of loss, songs of anger and isolation, and songs of love.”

Following first single Undertow, No Limit Of Stars is the second track to be released ahead of the new album. Andrews sounds like a younger version of Nick Cave on it. Despite that, thanks to a light piano motif, swinging drums and a driving bass line, it sounds like a carefree song. Lyrically however, it ponders on the themes of the upcoming record: β€˜the certainty of death, the power of new life, and the dizziness of contemplating your place in an unknowably vast cosmos’.

No Limit Of Stars by The Veils is the new Carte Blanche Music Wildcard. That means it’ll feature prominently at the top of the blog for a whole week.

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