Wildcard (week 51):
Grand Corps Malade – Pas Essentiel

Grand Corps Maladeโ€™s lyrics arenโ€™t socially critical per se, but Fabien Marsaudย (his real name) wears his heart on his sleeve. His April single Effets Secondaires (โ€˜side effectsโ€™) for instance, was a COVID charity track. Applauding the real heroes of the Corona crisis, the healthcare workers, all proceeds were donated to two French hospitals.

The same crisis was the inspiration for GCMโ€™s new single, but this time, he points the camera at the cultural sector. In his home country France, like in most of the rest of the world, theatres and venues are closed. Not only out of fear of being potential virus โ€˜super spreadersโ€™, but also because the governments label them โ€˜not essentialโ€™. GCM opposes that view. In a French newspaper, he calls it cruel and unfair. โ€œIt made me want to speak up about all of those things that may seem non essential, but in the end make life worth living.โ€ Elsewhere, he calls the song โ€˜an ode to freedomโ€™.

GCM wrote the track only at the end of November, with Swiss DJ/producerย Quentin Mosimann. It contains a repetitive chorus that sticks in your brain. But even more clever is the incorporation of the whistle from Break Machineโ€™s 1984 hit Street Dance.

Two weeks ago, An Open Letter To Creatives by The Lottery Winners was the Carte Blanche Music Wildcard. Grand Corps Maladeโ€™s new single is an equally heart-felt track, but about the cultural sector. I couldnโ€™t agree more with the message of this song. Thatโ€™s why Pas Essentiel is this weekโ€™s Wildcard!

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