Wildcard (week 7):
Drew Sycamore – 45 Fahrenheit Girl

Drew Sycamore’s is a Danish singer-songwriter with Welsh roots. Her voice lies somewhere between Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa. Musically, she fishes in the same pond as well. Expect tight, β€˜90s inspired pop music with a disco twist.

45 Fahrenheit Girl (which is only 7 degrees Celsius, by the way) is a very strong pop song that’s only 2,5 minutes long. It’s got big shoes to fill, for her latest two singles Take It Back and I Wanna Be Dancing both reached the summit of the Danish airplay charts. Luckily, it totally lives up to the expectations.

The song has a classic theme, but with a β€˜different’ angle. 45 Fahrenheit Girl describes a relationship between a woman and a vampire. The vampire is dead and the woman is alive, which presents her with a huge dilemma; should she have the vampire kill her so that they can live together forever?

This week, 45 Fahrenheit Girl by Drew Sycamore is the Carte Blanche Music Wildcard.

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