Wildcard (week 7):
Shake Shake Go – Dinosaur

Poppy Jones, Marc Le Goff, Kilian Saubusse, and Virgile Rozand are from France and Wales, but their band Shake Shake Go is currently based in London. They started their career busking on the streets in Britain, perfecting their collection of pop folk anthems, and winning over hearts from all around the country. A proper European tour followed, where they shared stages with James Blunt and others.

Shake Shake Goโ€™s debut single England Skies was a Top 10 hit in the European Border Breakers Chart, based on airplay in Spain, Austria, Switzerland, and Slovenia, while their first album All This Time fared pretty well in France. With new single Dinosaur, that presents a rockier sound, the band is now ready to sink its teeth in the rest of Europe.

Next week, Dinosaur by Shake Shake Go features prominently on the Carte Blanche Music blog as the new Wildcard. You can find all of them in the Wildcards 2018 playlist.

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