Wildcard (week 8):
Vendredi Sur Mer – Chewing-Gum

French music is the most sensual music around. There, I said it!

Feel free not to believe me (or even to disagree), but for me, Vendredi Sur Mer’s new single Chewing-Gum is just another affirmation of my thesis. Only a few years on the scene, Swiss-born Charline Mignot already inspired Munya’s song Hotel Delmaro, and her star is rising fast.

22 March, Vendredi Sur Mer’s debut album Premiers Γ‰mois will be released. Ahead of it, the singer unveils her new single Chewing-Gum. A song with the classic ingredients, that make me so fond of French music. Basically a chanson, it’s also got a funky groove (that bassline!) and even features a flute and a xylophone. Throughout, Mignot displays her typical vocal style, halfway between singing and speaking. All of this creates an atmosphere of sensuality only matched by certain latin songs, in my opinion.

Chewing-Gum is as catchy and sticky as one can expect from a song with that title. It’s this week’s Carte Blanche Music Wildcard!

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