Wildcard (week 9):
Two Year Vacation – Chasing The Morning

Two Year Vacation are a quintet from Gothenburg, Sweden’s second city, known for its rain, headwind and greyness. Their music however is the exact opposite. Influenced by everyone from ABBA to Fatboy Slim through early Daft Punk, MGMT, Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend and Peter BjΓΆrn & John, they produce rhythmic radio-friendly indie pop. Or, as the Swedish press called it, β€˜tropical kraut-pop’.

The band spent the summer of 2021Β  in the legendary β€˜Silence Studios’. A well-chosen name for a place deep in the Swedish wilderness, far away from everything. They passed the time BBQing, recording, swimming in the lake and having the best of times. It may not have been a β€˜two year vacation’, but it sure felt like it. The five musicians managed to catch the atmosphere on tape, as we will be able to hear on their upcoming EP High Hopes/Low Expectations.

Chasing The Morning is the first single to be released ahead of it. Sound-wise, it paints a decent picture of the fun experience. It’s a feel-good sing-along song with rhythmic beats and tasty melodies. A great start of a new era for the band. And to make it even better, Chasing The Morning by Two Year Vacation is the new Carte Blanche Music Wildcard. This means it’ll feature at the top of this blog for a full week.

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