Wolf Alice – How Can I Make It OK?

When you’re a fan of a band, what would you like more? A constant stream of releases that the band rushed to write and record, cutting some corners in the process? Or a gap of four years between albums, resulting in a smashing record? Nowadays, many bands choose the first path, ill-advised by fear of being forgotten. Wolf Alice however just released their new album Blue Weekend, the follow-up to 2017’s Visions Of A Life.

Coinciding with the album release, the British band put out a fourth single. Judging the track in its first 30 seconds wouldn’t do it justice. This is an enchanting song that takes four minutes to unfold itself. It starts off with a slow-moving intro, without percussion. As it progresses, it builds into a mid-tempo gem, complete with big drums, airy synths, a gorgeous guitar riff and a romantic chorus. The full-blown part only lasts a minute, but that’s enough to make a lasting impression.

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