Yelle – Ici Et Maintenant (Here And Now)

Julie Budet is a French singer, who was discovered via MySpace (look that up, kids). She uses the moniker Yelle (a contraction of ‘yeah’ and ‘elle’, French for ‘she’). When you combine the titles of her three albums: Pop Up, Safari Disco Club and Complètement Fou, you get a pretty good picture of her music. It’s poppy, electronic, and never shy of a twist, not in the least because of her sometimes provocative lyrics.

Yelle broke through with her singles Je Veux Te Voir (Dans Un Film Pornographique) and À Cause Des Garçons. That was ten years ago. Now – many singles later – there’s this new track. Lovable and colourful as always. With a video that must have been a joy to script and film. You know where and when you can see and hear it… #hereandnow


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