Yonaka – Seize The Power

Brighton-based band Yonaka’s 2019 debut album Don’t Wait ‘til Tomorrow was a huge success. It racked up a whopping 58 million streams on Spotify alone. No-one would have blamed them for simply copying the formula for their new material. But they didn’t…

Seize The Power is vocalist Theresa Jarvis, bassist Alex Crosby, drummer Rob Mason and guitarist George Werbrouck-Edwards’ new single. An anthemic, self-produced song. Right from the start it’s clear this is a powerful and empowering track. It opens with simple drum hits, a sampled choir and Jarvis’s urgent spoken-word. This immediately grabs you by the ears. Elsewhere, we hear slightly transformed vocals, driving hip-hop inspired beats, screaming guitars and lots of synths. Angry and energetic.

Do you know Dutch band De Staat by any chance? Seize The Power sounds like a female-fronted and more electronic-sounding version. Which is great!

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